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We invite you to slow down with us.  Join us as a member of Henry Provisions and create delicious meals at home. 

Once quarterly (four deliveries each year), WE deliver the hardware, the dry goods, the recipes, the roadmap, the history, some special wine, and your fresh grocery list.  YOU carve out the time to indulge in a simply delicious evening...

Following our adventures at home with honest, tested hometurf recipes, Henry Provisions will help you nourish your friends and family at the best restaurant in town: your very own dinner table.  When you fall in love with the flavors, the stories, and the luxury of time, you too will learn that not every dinner needs to be the '30 minute meal.' 

Subscribe and join us first here at Henry Provisions.  Then, complete your enrollment and subscribe with our Partner The Wise Old Dog so that wine and beverage service can be included in your quarterly deliveries. 

As a member, you will first enjoy a welcome package delivered to your doorstep with goodies to get you started and ignite your appetite.  Then, come February, your very first quarterly hand-delivery.  We cannot wait to share all the deliciousness in store.  Too delicious to miss, subscribe today!


Remember, this isn't just about 'getting dinner on the table'...a Henry Provisions subscription is your excuse to slow down...

  • Answer the door when our Old Truck pulls up your driveway with our once-quarterly hand delivery; we have a big box with your name on it. Inside you'll find the roadmap and materials for a very special night spent in.

    Included in each of your four quarterly shipments will be:

    • Detailed recipes
    • An essential kitchen tool (or two or three!)
    • Custom dry goods for the pantry to support your preparation of our recipes
    • A detailed grocery list for your fresh ingredients along with some little hints as to where to find some of our favorite local treasures
    • Two bottles of boutique bottle shop wine from our partner The Wise Old Dog curated to push your delicious evening over the top
    • +

Tear that box open and make a gameplan!  Part of the fun is that this is not a “30 minute meal.”  We know what it’s like to be in a rush.  But, your Henry Provisions membership is your excuse to slow down, if only for one night. 

Read through our recipe cards, admire your new kitchen tools, schedule your night.  Because we, too, live in Connecticut, we will guide you in gathering the very best of locally available fresh ingredients. Then, you can set about cherishing some special downtime, all in the name of dinner.  Prepare nourishing and delicious food, slurp exclusive wine just for our members, and indulge in your own home turf evening.  Let’s feed who we love with something special, together.  Subscribe today!