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The Henry Experience. (PAID in FULL.)

The Henry Experience.  (PAID in FULL.)

The Henry Experience. (PAID in FULL.)



(a 10% discount for paying in full:)

Henry Provisions ($720) + The Wise Old Dog ($450).

4 Delicious Shipments, Billed Once. 

 Treat yourself.

You’re ready to join us: Delicious!  Sign up here for hand delivery of our Welcome Treats and four subsequent quarterly shipments of HENRY PROVISIONS. 

Sometimes we all need a little reminder or excuse to slow down.  At Henry Provisions, that is just what we're going to do.  Inside each quarterly shipment of Henry Provisions will be a roadmap of recipes and tools necessary for an evening spent in.  Hand-packed, curated items, dry goods, a grocery list for your fresh ingredients, and, as fulfilled and delivered by The Wise Old Dog, some exclusive wine, just for you. 

Ever wonder how to make that perfect chicken in a cast iron pan or curious about what real heritage beans taste like, made in a handmade Mexican clay pot?  Do you doubt that any of that tastes better if you slow down, follow our recipes, and take your time with lit candles and rare wine?  Join us here and trust...this will be a delicious year. 

To begin, upon enrollment, you will receive a custom, handmade market tote for your farmer’s market trips, grocery store dashes, and other around-town adventures.  Inside you will find a few favorite tools to begin exploring the great indoors of your kitchen and dinner table.  And, to wet your whistle, our partner company The Wise Old Dog will include a charming bottle of handmade farmer wine delivered at the same time.  Welcome Aboard! 

Then, in February we will load up the truck for our first round of quarterly deliveries.  This is when the deliciousness really begins.  Don’t worry, as your membership approaches its anniversary, we will remind you to renew so you don’t miss out on a single spoonful.  

[FINE PRINT and keeping it all LEGAL: Your total discounted annual combined membership to Henry Provisions and our partner The Wise Old Dog costs about $97.50/month, billed once here at a discount. To comply with State Law, we must split this total enrollment into two charges.  You will enroll here for a one-time charge of $720 plus sales tax and then enroll at thewiseolddog.com for a one-time charge of $450 plus sales tax.  Hand-delivery is included.  Expect timely delivery of the "Welcome Treats" and then four total shipments: February 15th, May 15th, August 15th, and November 15th.  No matter when you sign, you will begin with our Welcome Treats and be billed quarterly for 12 running months.  As we maintain rolling enrollment, we will deliver four quarterly shipments beginning with the next subsequent delivery date on the rolling calendar subject to our cutoff date of 60 days prior to shipment.  Note: Our first quarterly shipment will be on or about February 15th, 2020.]