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"Grilled" Steak, a CLASSIC in a pan.

"Grilled" Steak, a CLASSIC in a pan.

Grilling steaks. (And, how do we actually get it "right?")

As a home cook, when I've searched and pined through cookbooks, YouTube features, Netflix reruns, and other 'guides' I have found very little.  Well, I suppose that's not fair; but, I've found the very same thing again and again: the various authors never seem comfortable revealing the actual cook time.  And, indeed, why else am I on the "hunt" for a perfect recipe than my interest in serving a perfectly cooked steak, often from a rather expensive cut of beef(!)?  That detail of knowledge may just be the only reason for referencing any 'recipe' to begin with... in other words, we can all think up seasoning, accompaniments, and the other details of the various recipes...but how LONG do I leave the steaks on the heat source.  One true beef master, in a rather hilarious YouTube video cooks a beautiful steak right before the viewers' eyes...but, when seemingly answering an off-screen implied question of "how long do you cook it?" he says with a smirk, "you need to just learn how long to cook a steak...cook some steaks and you'll get used to it...that's how long..."  Entertaining, but not helpful.  



Two 2” thick New York Strip Steaks, prime grade, not dry-aged.

Kosher Salt.

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper.

Dried Cracked Spanish Rosemary.

Olive Oil.


COAT two broadsides of the steaks in the salt, pepper, rosemary, and some olive oil.

SET the steaks in the fridge in the morning, uncovered.


REMOVE the steaks out of the fridge about 90 minutes before you’re going to cook them.

LIGHT charcoal grill, full bore. Get it nice and hot.

SET cast iron skillet on the grill grate, directly. Add several tablespoons of grape seed oil.

SLIDE the tempered steaks into the pan, moving away from you (be careful not to splatter – that oil is ­–unforgettably hot).

COVER the grill with the vent OPEN.


“GRILL” for 4 minutes on one big side.

OPEN and flip steaks.

COVER the grill with the vent OPEN.

“GRILL” for 3 minutes on the other big side.

“GRILL” for 90 seconds on the fat rim side to brown it off and make her look pretty.

REMOVE pan cast iron from fire;

REMOVE steaks and SET on a board to rest with several pats of unsalted butter on top.

REST for 7 minutes.

SLICE for guests. A steak should feed two people.