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We got lucky.  When we opened the doors of our Wine Shop years ago, we could not have known then that what would happen next could be so special and delicious.  Indeed, as we worked those first few years in our humble Shop, open seven days, we discovered just how sacred our after hours at home could be.  So, we got lucky.  Lucky because in addition to the beauty we sought in our Shop for our guests, we came to cherish our time, just us, at home in a way that we had not appreciated before.  This specialness is something that we all have, and, more importantly, can create; as our son Henry would say when he wants our attention, “don’t miss this…you’re gonna miss this, guys…”  Well, you don’t have to miss out on a single beautiful day from here on out, if you can carve out just a little bit of time to make it delicious.  It is here and now, with Henry Provisions, where we share what we’ve learned, and what we’re learning with you, and your home.  Join us.